How to do a budget wedding

People are often put off from having weddings as they assume it will cost more than an average years salary. However, done right, you can save yourself a lot of stress and debt with these tips. Here’s how to have the perfect wedding for under £5,000!

The rings

Consider using ebay to buy your rings. If they’re from abroad they may take longer to arrive (28 days) so factor this in. You can find real gold and diamond rings on ebay. When they arrive they may need a bot of

Wedding dress

Have a look at ebay and, etsy and search for wedding dress sales online. You may need to buy a plainer dress then take it to a haberdashery for extra detail and uniqueness but this will really save the pennies.

For a sentimental vibe, why not use your mums or grandmothers old wedding dress. It’s probably in great condition still but may need some modern updating such as more diamantes and less puffy sleeves! Dry clean it and modernise it.

The Cake

Consider asking a relative or one of the bridesmaids to make the cake. There are plenty of videos online to help with wedding cake decoration

The Wedding Car

Rent a car for the day from a local taxi firm or other car lenders, rather than traditional vintage wedding cars which can be pricey to hire.. They’re sure to have a nice Mercedes or BMW that would be perfect for your day.


Get all the groom and grooms mens suits hired for the day. This is much cheaper than buying suits that they’ll only wear once.

Photographer and DJ

Find photographers and DJs that are building their portfolios and are fairly new to the game. They’re rates will be cheaper for the day. Even ask the bridal party or groomsmen to chip in; if there’s enough of you it could only cost £20 each.

Invitations and table decorations

Get creative with invitations and make them yourself. Get all you need cheaply from a pound shop or arts and craft shop like Hobby Craft. They’ll have the parchment paper, silver and gold pens, sequins, glitter and lots more required for a perfect wedding invitation. Buy fake flowers, plastic vases and confetti for dressing your tables.


Drinks and Sweets

Buy a bulk load from a store like Costco or Lidl. They’ll have discounted drink and sweets for your guests.


Do the catering yourself or get mums and aunts to chip in, and get younger family members to serve. This will greatly cut the cost of a catering company and their


Consider having your venue at home or in someone’s back garden. All you have to think about is getting a gazebo, table and chairs which is much cheaper than hiring a huge hall or house.

All these tips can greatly help you to cut the cost of your wedding, and make it a  happy day that you won’t be paying for a decade after. It really will be a family affair with a lot of help from loved ones and their generosity. For other wedding aspects like flowers and the honeymoon, don’t be afraid to ask for a favour or even having a honeymoon near to the UK like France or Spain or even a UK spa honeymoon.

Creative Wedding Theme Ideas For An Asian Wedding In The UK

Because a wedding is considered an important stage of any person’s life, it is also the most anticipated time of a youth’s life in Asian communities. It is therefore made extraordinary and unforgettable. This has resulted in going as far as importing exceptional wedding styles from India, to the UK to add originality and style to the common traditional party. Here are some of them:

  • Rose Theme

It is the most popular and commonly used theme in Asian weddings. The availability of roses throughout the year makes it more achievable. Because roses portray love, they bring an atmosphere of excitement at the celebration with a message of love and success for the couple. Different colors emphasize the theme of the wedding with rainbow colors chosen for a casual theme while white or deep red chosen for a formal theme. Also, add rose-inspired accessories such as cake servers and guest books.

  • Tropical Theme

The Tropics are simple but extremely fascinating. Tropics are about warm sunshine, palm trees, and sandy beaches, among others, each unique in its own way with warmth and calmness. The most common colors in a tropical wedding theme are a combination of red, yellow and orange, neatly placed on a white base. Other colors that can be added include turquoise, pink and lime to provide some little disparity and plenty of candles too. Lastly, highlight the wedding dress with plenty of gold jewelry.

  • Rustic Country Style Theme

The Rustic Country style is nature inspired. A rustic background, through the decorations used, is a perfect fit for those seeking ease that comes with charm and relaxation in their wedding. Finding a rustic location is not always necessary as colors such as purple, white, brown, deep blue, and a lot of greens will be used to create a country farmhouse. See the large asian wedding venue

  • Oriental Theme

In this theme, colors that are connected to love and success, including, red, yellow and golden are incorporated in everything used at the wedding. Conversely, white is avoided as it is associated with funerals, for instance in places like China. Adding hanging lanterns will no doubt add joy and warmth to the guests. Flowers too such as orchids, cherry blossoms, and lilies, are used to enhance the beauty.

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